WE’RE CALLING IT NOW – Gwen Stacy WILL die in Amazing Spider-Man 2

death-of-gwen-stacyThere is a lot of speculation whether or not Gwen Stacy will be killed off in this film. I am one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, I really like this version of Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone. But if the producers of the films want to do the Spider-Man lore right, Gwen needs to die. But how? How else? Like the comics, of course. I think the whole neck breaking will happen but it will be something to the effect of: web hits Gwen, then just as Peter thinks he saves her, Gwen slowly shuts her eyes for dramatic effect. Still think she won’t die. Lets look at some facts and hints.


1. Where’d you get that outfit?

the_amazing_spider-man_2_20130604_1610247966Page4There is no denying that this is merely coincidence that the character would be wearing clothing that is identical in comparison to the comic where she meets her fate. I mean look at it. Trench coat, dress, boots, all same in color. You think the filmmakers didn’t even notice this and decided the colors just looked good? Yeah right.

2. Next stop: Death!

screen-shot-2014-02-25-at-17-44-21-e1393350321706 spiderman-shoots-down-a-web-to-try-and-save-gwen-in-the-amazing-spiderman-2The moment where everything changes. Gwen falls to her death. Now it is a movie, and while making this scene exactly like the comic wouldn’t exactly be original, you do need some cinematic finesse, if you will. The important elements are there: Green Goblin throwing/dropping her, Spider-Man trying to save her, and of course, our damsel in distress, Gwen Stacy, already fashionably suited for her big finale.

3. Hey Tiger!

PHrgtEpq99Z5uv_1_m amazing-spider-man-2-mary-jane-the-amazing-spider-man-2012-33807102-3600-2385Remember when Shailene Woodley was cast as Mary Jane? I’m sure everyone was saying why? What’s wrong with Emma? Then Spider-man 3 & 4 were announced for 2016 & 2018. And then the infamous picture was released and it all made sense. Finish and kill off Peter’s current love all the while introducing the new one. Sounds logical, right? Then the news about Mary Jane being cut from the film and the sequels all together? Wait… Why? Seems fair to me that you have Gwen in two films and M.J in the next two, primarily. I tend to think this will change.

4. Are you watching closely?

 untitled2-proof-gwen-stacey-will-die-in-the-amazing-spider-man-2Pictures are worth 1000 words but videos leave you speechless. I’ve presented the photos above but nothing can make me convince you other than showing you PROOF. Proof that this will be the scene where Gwen Stacy will depart the “Amazing Spider-Man” series. Watch the whole thing but the part in particular starts at about the 28 second mark. Enjoy!

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